Entry #3

School and updates

2008-08-29 09:39:40 by Blue-Devil23

I'm starting school next week so I feel sad. The summer went too fast. Also I've got my GCSEs coming up so I gotta work my ass off.

My madness day movie is coming along nicely but I didn't get much work done over the last week. The current progress is 25-30% finished. I hope I make it in time.

Also, my new site, Smash-Flash Studios, is almost finished now. Register to get access to some high quality flash resources. Just visit if you have the time.

And finally, here's another screenshot:

School and updates


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2008-08-29 10:18:02

I start on wednesday D: Year eleven is gonna BLOW BALLS.

I seriously did absolutely fuck all last year, now i have to make it all up now.


2008-08-29 10:18:20

By the way, flash looks cool.


2008-08-30 01:31:16

Madness-like dummies with arms and legs?

Wow, it's about time someone made something like that!


2008-09-18 15:28:15

Hey man.